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Mining trail on the Eisernhardt

The “shorter” mining trail on the more than 482 m high Eisernhardt, a popular mountain and recreation area to the south of the Siegen townsite, provides interesting insights into the history of mining in the Siegerland region.

Numerous stations along the trail show how mining was once central to the region. These stations were re-opened and made safe by the Association for Siegerland Mining specifically for the walking trails. The aim was to bring the mining culture to life as part of a circular trail.

Alongside numerous authentically reconstructed pit entrances, which were based on 19th century documents and are known as “mouth holes” in the mining vernacular, the trail leads to a reconstructed winch shaft used to haul material to the top with a winch, and to a traditional boundary stone marking the property boundaries of the mines. Signs and information boards provide interesting background information and insights into the topic.

Start + End: Eisenhardt hikers’ parking area
Difficulty level: moderate
Distance: 3.3 km
Duration: about 1 hour

For details and exact directions, please go to:


If you’d like to do a longer walk, the extended loop (5.8 km, 1 hour 40 minutes) is ideal!