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Nikolaikirche and the Krönchen

The roots of Nikolaikirche go back to the 13th century. Standing on the Siegberg below the Oberes Schloss, the church is resplendent in white and ox-blood red following restoration of the outer walls in 1975/76. One particularly treasured object is a silver baptismal bowl made in Peru in 1586, brought to Siegen by Prince Johann Moritz in 1658.

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The golden Krönchen atop the tower of Nikolaikirche is the symbol of Siegen – and explains why it is known as the Krönchen city. The 1.90-metre-tall, wrought-iron gilded crown of lilies has graced the Oberstadt skyline since 1658. It was gifted by Johann Moritz of Nassau-Siegen on the occasion of his elevation to the rank of Prince in 1652.