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Aktives Museum Südwestfalen

The Aktives Museum Südwestfalen (AMS) aims to give the victims of National Socialism a name, a face and even an address in Siegen. The museum is located at Obergaben 10, the spot where the synagogue used by Siegen’s Jewish community stood until midday on 10th November 1938. During the pogroms of November 1938, men from the Siegen branches of the SS and SA set fire to the synagogue, which was completely destroyed.


Two years later, the city authorities built an air raid shelter on the foundation walls of the synagogue – and this structure was occupied by the AMS in 1996. In 2001, the building was extended to around 200 square metres. Today it functions as a place of learning and a memorial to all victims, including the Sinti, Roma, forced labourers, Jehovah’s Witnesses and many others. Jewish life in Siegen is charted, before and after 1938. Tours for groups and school classes conclude with a city walk that takes in key milestones of Jewish life in Siegen.

The Aktives Museum Südwestfalen is currently closed for a comprehensive programme renovation and modernisation. Despite this, it still has interesting content to offer school classes and (youth) groups: two online seminars address the themes of the museum by digital means. It is also possible to book alternative city tours and walks through the Jewish cemeteries of the region.


Aktives Museum Südwestfalen e. V.
Obergraben 10
57072 Siegen 
Tel. 0271 23 83 40 83