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Achenbach historical circular trail

The Achenbach trail tells around 2,000 years of regional history on a trail just 12 km long and is one of the most beautiful rambling trails in Siegerland and Wittgenstein.

The trail, which takes you through a picturesque natural landscape, uses 16 information boards and activity stations to tell exciting stories about Siegen’s past from the early days of Celtic settlement in the La Tène period to the present day. One highlight is the faithfully reproduced bloomery furnace once used by the Celts for iron production. The original on which it was modelled was found just 30 m away and bears witness to the beginnings of iron smelting, which then characterised the Siegerland region for centuries.

The trail passes through four green valleys past Hauberg (coppiced communal woodland management area that is typical of the Siegerland) and takes you past springs, brooks and fantastic outlooks, e.g. on the Buberg. The nature trail through the meadowed valley, with the Achenbach flowing through it, is especially beautiful. Towering above it is the “Skycube”, an architect-designed house supported on steel stilts due to the steep slope.


Keep your eyes peeled, because there’s lots to discover by the wayside, like hidden pit entrances, intersections with the Way of St. James, old trading routes and well-known long-distance trails.

Start + End: Hiking information board at the entrance to Achenbach
Difficulty level: moderate
Distance: 12 km
Duration: around 3.5 hours

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