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Sejerlänner Riewekooche: Bon appetit!

Say that again? The name refers to a typical Siegerland bread speciality in which potatoes (called ‘Duffel’ in these parts) play the key role – and with salted butter, it’s a real treat for the taste buds.

How to make it!

Riewekooche (bread made from boiled, grated potatoes)


1,000 g flour
1,000 g potatoes
2 eggs
½ litre of milk
1 tbsp salt
1 cube of yeast
 Little sugar



Mix the yeast with the sugar and a little milk. Sprinkle the salt and flour in the bowl. Peel the potatoes in lukewarm water, grate, add the eggs and boil in hot milk. Stir in the ingredients and let the mixture rise in an oven (50°C for approx. 30 mins). Next, place the dough into a cake tin and bake on the lowest shelf at 195°C (fan oven 185°C) for one hour. Tastes great with salted butter, or top with jam for a sweeter version.
Recipe: Anneliese Siebel, Ferndorf village preservation society