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Siegen Lichtertour 2021

Five buildings or structural complexes in four parts of town on five nights ... as dusk fell, the lights shone brightly in Siegen. At 9.00 pm, the Lichtertour put the spotlight on some of Siegen’s best known structures. Small food stands catered to the crowds, while on two of the dates the celebrations featured great live music and much more …

Sadly, the customary ‘night of a thousand lights’ had to be cancelled for the second year in a row on account of the coronavirus pandemic. In its place, Stadtmarketing Siegen GmbH came up with a smaller yet equally intriguing alternative: the Siegen Lichtertour, which illuminated not just the Oberstadt and Unterstadt, but also the attractive Siegen districts of Achenbach, Geisweid and Kann-Marienborn.

On various Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays over August and September 2021, selected buildings were festively floodlit. On two more days, festive attractions including live music were held in the same locations.

The Lichtertour started on 27 August at the Unteres Schloss, once a Franciscan monastery and residence of the Protestant branch of the house of Nassau-Siegen. Eight days later, to coincide with the Achenbach village festival, the Alte Schule and Heimathaus beamed with festivity and live sounds.

Next up was the Siegen Altstadtfest on 12 September. Following a programme of entertainment that included artists and live bands, the day concluded with the atmospheric sight of the Marienkirche illuminated on Pfarrer-Ochse-Platz. The Weisstalhalle and Kaan-Marienborn followed on 17 September, with Dr. Dudziak Park in Geisweid also bathed in light on 24 September.