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Like something from another world…

Until 1993 the Trupbacher Heide was still home to the tanks and heavy artillery of the Belgian armed forces stationed in Siegen. It now attracts day trippers, hikers, nature photographers and recreation seekers to an area covering 300 hectares.

The plateau has given rise to a genuine scenic jewel. It offers fantastic views over the Siegerland with its heather and gorse, small bodies of water, natural meadows, rough pastures and nard grasslands. It is home to many rare plants and animals like the common centaury, blue daisy, moonwort, woodlark, swallowtail, silver-washed fritillary, silver-studded blue butterfly, scarce copper and the blue-tailed damselfly, the vagrant darter, and the emperor dragonfly. Numerous hiking trails lead through the nature reserve.
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