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Beatles Museum

The world’s smallest Beatles museum sums up the band’s universe in just 27 square metres – and you won’t find it in London or Liverpool, but in the Siegen district of Geisweid. In recognition of this achievement, owner Harold Krämer even has a mention in Guinness World Records.


What is surely the greatest pop group of all time inspired a passion for collecting in the man from Siegen at an early age. The exhibition comprises more than 19,000 recordings (2,000 by the Beatles), rare film posters and sales bills, tour posters, autographs from John, Paul, George and Ringo, gold discs, music magazines, press releases, books, instruments and many other souvenirs relating to the moptops.

Encapsulated in two living rooms, the world of the Beatles has attracted visitors from all over the world, including guests from England, China, Brazil, Columbia, the USA, Mongolia and elsewhere. Precious rarities include the original poster for the ‘Bravo Beatles Blitztournee’ tour of 1966, autographs of the Fab Four, the ‘Butcher cover’ LP, the ‘Greenland’ pressing and much more.


Harold Krämer
Sohlbacher Strasse 24 
57078 Siegen 
Tel. 0271 8909770